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Industry Information Technology
Founded 2009
Headquarters Espoo, Finland
Key people
Tero Sarkkinen (Founder), Jonas Geust[1] (CEO)
Number of employees
Website rightware.com

Rightware is a Finnish software development company that provides user interface solution[2] as well as benchmark applications for mobile, automotive and other embedded industries.[3] Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Rightware has offices in United States, China, Taiwan and Germany. In 2011, the company was listed as one of the top 100 innovative companies in Europe by Red Herring.[4]


Rightware was founded in December 2009 after it got a €3 million investment to acquire the mobile business unit from Futuremark Corporation.[5]

In January 2011, Rightware officially released a UI design software called Kanzi UI Solution, and demonstrated a stereoscopic 3D home screen for Android made by Kanzi at Mobile World Congress 2011.[6]

Kanzi UI solution is adopted by Audi for developing three-dimensional graphics IVI in all Audi cars.[7][8] The first commercial vehicle series A3 with Kanzi technology were shipped in June 2012.[9] Visteon, a global supplier of vehicle electronics, also showcased its HMI application utilizing Kanzi technology in June 2013.[10]

Besides Kanzi, Rightware also continues to develop new benchmarking tools. In April 2013, Rightware launched Basemark X built on top of Unity 4.0,[11] and Basemark ES 3.0, which was used to test the first OpenGL ES 3.0 production silicon made by Vivante.[12]

In May 2013, Rightware raised another $5.2 million in venture capital funding.[13]


Kanzi UI Solution[edit]

Rightware launched Kanzi UI Solution in January 2011, which consists of two parts: Kanzi studio and Kanzi engine.

  • Kanzi engine: enables UI designs to be executed on any device supporting OpenGL ES. Kanzi UI Engine is written in C and is compatible with OpenGL ES 1.x and OpenGL ES 2.0.


Rightware develops benchmarks for embedded devices to analyze the performance of embedded devices, which produces scores with higher numbers indicating better performance.


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