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Native name: Ráneš
Norway - Ringvassøy.png
Map of Ringvassøy
Location Northern Norway
Coordinates 69°55′N 19°15′E / 69.917°N 19.250°E / 69.917; 19.250Coordinates: 69°55′N 19°15′E / 69.917°N 19.250°E / 69.917; 19.250
Area 656 km2 (253 sq mi)
Length 34 km (21.1 mi)
Width 37 km (23 mi)
Highest elevation 1,051 m (3,448 ft)
Highest point Soltindan
County Troms
Municipalities Karlsøy and Tromsø

Ringvassøya (Northern Sami: Ráneš) is a large island in Troms county, Norway. It is divided between the municipalities of Tromsø and Karlsøy. Several islands surround Ringvassøya including Kvaløya to the south; Reinøya and Karlsøya to the east; Vannøya, Helgøya, and Nordkvaløya to the north; and Rebbenesøya to the northwest.

The Kvalsund Tunnel connects this island to Kvaløya island to the south. The undersea Langsund Tunnel is being built connecting the islands of Reinøya and Ringvassøya. This tunnel is scheduled to be completed in 2015.[1]

View of Skogsfjordvatn lake on Ringvassøya

With an area of 656 square kilometres (253 sq mi), Ringvassøy is the sixth largest island in mainland Norway. The island's highest point, Soltindan, has a height of 1,051 metres (3,448 ft) above sea level. The 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) long Skogsfjordvatnet is the largest lake on an island in Norway.[2]


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