Roșia – Peșteana Coal Mine

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Roșia - Peșteana Coal mine
Location Rovinari
Commune Gorj County
Country Romania
Products Coal
Production 7,200,000 tonnes
Financial year 2008
Opened 1973
Company National Company of Lignite Oltenia

Roșia – Peșteana Coal Mine is an open-pit mining exploitation, one of the largest in Romania located in Rovinari, Gorj County.[1] The legal entity managing the Roșia - Peșteana mine is the National Company of Lignite Oltenia which was set up in 1997.[1]

The exploitation has three open pits Roșia, Peșteana Nord, Peșteana Sud-Urdar that produced 7.2 million tonnes of lignite in 2008.[1] The mine has around 2,900 workers and is endowed with 19 bucket-wheel excavators, 12 spreaders, one mixed machine and three deposits spreader.[1] The total proven recoverable reserves of the mine amount to 112 million tonnes of lignite.[1]


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