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Robert Wald

Robert M. Wald (/ˈwɔːld/; born June 29, 1947 in New York City) is a physicist who specializes in general relativity and the thermodynamics of black holes. He is the son of the mathematician and statistician Abraham Wald. Wald's parents died in a plane crash when he was three years old.[1] He is the author of a graduate textbook, General Relativity. Wald is a professor at the Enrico Fermi Institute and the University of Chicago. Wald has taught undergraduate courses across a range of physics topics, and has been honored as a particularly effective teacher.[2]

Wald has published over 100 research papers on general relativity and quantum field theory in curved spacetimes, many of which have been cited by hundreds of subsequent papers.[3] He is a contributor to the framework of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory. In 1993, he described the Wald's entropy of a black hole, which is dependent simply on the area of the event horizon of the black hole.[4]



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