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This is a discography of works by Roger Taylor outside of Queen. For information about recordings made by Queen see Queen discography.

Roger Taylor[edit]




  • 1977: I Wanna Testify (B-side: "Turn on the TV")
  • 1981: Future Management #49 UK
  • 1981: My Country
  • 1981: Let's Get Crazy (Australia, Japan, New Zealand, USA)
  • 1984: Man on Fire #66 UK, #11 South Africa [1]
  • 1984: Strange Frontier #98 UK
  • 1984: Beautiful Dreams (Portugal)
  • 1994: Nazis 1994 #22 UK
  • 1994: Foreign Sand - with Yoshiki #26 UK
  • 1994: Happiness #32 UK
  • 1998: Pressure On #45 UK
  • 1999: Surrender #38 UK
  • 2009: The Unblinking Eye (Everything is Broken)
  • 2011: Dear Mr Murdoch 2011
  • 2013: Sunny Day(promo)


  • 1998: Live at the Cyberbarn

The Cross[edit]

Main article: The Cross (band)




  • 1987: Cowboys and Indians (#74 UK)
  • 1988: Shove It (#83 UK)
  • 1988: Heaven for Everyone (#84 UK)
  • 1988: Manipulator
  • 1990: Power to Love (#83 UK)
  • 1990: Liar
  • 1990: Final Destination
  • 1991: New Dark Ages
  • 1991: Life Changes(Germany only,withdrawn)


The Reaction[edit]

Year of release Record Songs
1966 Johnny Quale and the Reaction Buona Sera (single) "Buona Sera", "Just a Little Bit", "What's on Your Mind", "I'll Go Crazy"
1966 The Reaction In the Midnight Hour (single) "In the Midnight Hour", "I Got You (I Feel Good)"


Main article: Smile (band)
Year of release Record Songs
1969 Earth/Step on Me (single, USA only) "Earth", "Step on Me"
1982 Gettin' Smile (LP, Japan only) "Doing Alright", "Blag", "April Lady", "Polar Bear", "Earth", "Step on Me" [all songs recorded 1969]
1997 Ghost of a Smile (CD, Netherlands only) incl. "Earth", "Step on Me", "Doing Alright", "April Lady", "Polar Bear", "Blag" [all songs recorded 1969]

Larry Lurex[edit]

Main article: Larry Lurex
Year of release Record Songs Comment
1973 I Can Hear Music (single) "I Can Hear Music", "Goin' Back" drums by Taylor, vocals by Freddie Mercury, guitar by Brian May

Both songs are also part of the box set Freddie Mercury - The Solo Collection (2000) and the compilation album Lover of Life, Singer of Songs - The Very Best of Freddie Mercury Solo (2006).

Collaborations and guest appearances[edit]

Year of release Song Record Taylor's contribution
1973 Al Stewart   Past, Present and Future (album) drums
1975 Fox "Survival" Tails of Illusion (album) backing vocals
1975 Eugene Wallace   Dangerous (album) drums
1976 Ian Hunter "You Nearly Did Me In" All-American Alien Boy (album) backing vocals by Taylor, Freddie Mercury, Brian May
1980 Hilary Hilary "How Come You're So Dumb?", "Rich Kid Blues" How Come You're So Dumb? (single) songwriting, arrangement, production, guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, backing vocals
1981 Mel Smith "Mel Smith's Greatest Hits", "Richard and Joey" Mel Smith's Greatest Hits (single) production, all instrumentation, backing vocals
1981 Gary Numan "Crash", "You Are, You Are", "Moral" Dance (album) drums, percussion
1982 Kansas "Right Away", "Diamonds & Pearls", "Play the Game Tonight" Vinyl Confessions (album) backing vocals
1982 Billy Squier "Emotions in Motion" Emotions in Motion (album) backing vocals by Taylor and Freddie Mercury
1983 Brian May & Friends "Star Fleet" Star Fleet Project (mini album); Star Fleet (single) backing vocals
1985 Jimmy Nail "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" Take It or Leave It (album); Love Don't Live Here Anymore (single) drums, synthesizer; produced by Taylor and David Richards
1985 Camy Todorow "Bursting at the Seams" Bursting at the Seams (single) drums; produced by Taylor and David Richards
1985 Elton John "Too Young" Ice on Fire (album) drums (bass by John Deacon)
1985 Feargal Sharkey "Loving You" Loving You (7"/12" single) additional drums and synths; produced by Taylor and David Richards
1985 Debbie Byrne "Fools Rush In" Persuader (album) drums
1986 Virginia Wolf   Virginia Wolf (album) produced by Taylor and David Richards
1986 Roger Daltrey "Under a Raging Moon" Under a Raging Moon (album) drums
1986 Elton John "Angeline" Leather Jackets (album) drums (bass by John Deacon)
1986 Magnum "When the World Comes Down", "Sometime Love" Vigilante (album) producer; backing vocals on two tracks
1987 Freddie Mercury "The Great Pretender" The Great Pretender (single) backing vocals
1989 Sigue Sigue Sputnik "Dancerama"   remix production
1989 Rock Aid Armenia "Smoke on the Water" Smoke on the Water (single) drums (guitar by Brian May)
1989 Ian & Belinda "Who Wants to Live Forever" (various versions) Who Wants to Live Forever (7"/12" singles; for the British Bone Marrow Donor Appeal) drums (production and guitar by Brian May, bass by John Deacon)
1991 Hale and Pace and the Stonkers "The Stonk" The Stonk (single; for Comic Relief; reached No. 1 in the UK chart) drums (production and guitar by Brian May)
1992 Shakin' Stevens "Radio" The Epic Years (album) drums
1997 SAS Band "That's the Way God Planned It" SAS Band (album) drums, vocals (bass by John Deacon)
2001 Bob Geldof   Sex, Age & Death (album) drums & background vocals
2004 Queen/David A. Stewart "Say It's Not True" 46664 Part 1 African Prayer (album) vocals
2004 Cherie "Say You Love Me" Cherie (album) drums
2010 Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders "Your Shoes" Red Light Fever backing vocals
2014 Band Aid 30 "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Do They Know It's Christmas (single) drums and keyboards


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