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Roland (died 778) was a Frankish seneschal in Charlemagne's service, and subject of the epic poem The Song of Roland.

Roland may also refer to:


  • Roland (statue), a type of statue sometimes found in German towns, depicting Roland



Given name[edit]




  • Roland (The X-Files), an episode of the television series The X-Files
  • Roland, fictional character in the films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions
  • Roland Rat, fictional British children's TV puppet
  • Roland LeBay, fictional character in the Stephen King novel Christine
  • Roland Deschain, fictional character in the Stephen King The Dark Tower novels
  • Roland (game character), a video game character from the 1980s
  • Roland, a playable character featured in the video game Borderlands
  • Roland Jackson, fictional character in the 1997 animated TV show Extreme Ghostbusters

Aviation and space[edit]

  • Rohrbach Roland, a 1920s German airliner
  • Roland, the brand name of the Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft for a series of military aircraft flown during World War 1
  • RoLand (Rosetta Lander), alternative name for the Philae lander, the surface science package of the Rosetta spacecraft
  • Roland missile, a short-range air defence missile system, produced by French-German company Euromissile

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