Romeo, Juliet and Darkness

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Romeo, Juliet and Darkness
Directed by Jiří Weiss
Written by Jan Otčenášek, Jiří Weiss
Starring Ivan Mistrík, Daniela Smutná
Music by Jirí Srnka
Cinematography Václav Hanuš
Edited by Miloslav Hájek
Release date
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

Romeo, Juliet and Darkness (Czech: Romeo, Julie a tma) is a 1960 Czech drama film directed by Jiří Weiss. Inspired by William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet,[1] the film is about problems experienced by a young Jewish woman who is hidden from the Gestapo by a student lover.



Romeo, Juliet, and Darkness won the Golden Seashell at the 1960 San Sebastian International Film Festival. It also won the Grand Prix at the 1960 Taormina International Film Festival.


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