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Not to be confused with Ronaldsay (disambiguation) or Rognaldsvåg.

Ronaldsway (Manx: Roonysvaie) is a place in Malew in the south of the Isle of Man, between the village of Ballasalla and the town of Castletown. It is notable as the location of Isle of Man Airport and historically RNAS Ronaldsway, together with the adjoining customs free zone and industrial estate.

Ronaldsway is the site of the Battle of Ronaldsway, in which a Manx revolt was crushed by Scottish forces.

Ronaldsway is one of the 22 coastal weather stations whose conditions are reported in the BBC Shipping Forecast.

There is a request stop on the Isle of Man Steam Railway behind Ronaldsway Industrial Estate on the Silverburn river.

BA Connect (BA CitiExpress) had an engineering base in Ronaldsway, employing 110 people. After Flybe acquired BA Connect, Flybe announced that it would discontinue the base.[1]


Main article: Ronaldsway culture

While the airfield runway at Ronaldsway Airport was being extended during the Second World War, a sunken-floored structure was uncovered dating from the third millennium BC in the late Neolithic era. The distinctive nature of the finds, including pots and stone tools, gave rise to the name Ronaldsway culture, and similar artefacts have been found elsewhere.[2]


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