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Ross Campbell
Area(s) Writer, Artist
Notable works
The Abandoned
Mountain Girl
Wet Moon

Ross Campbell is a comic writer and artist known for his indie comics.

His Wet Moon comic series emphasizes a story-telling style that has been described as meandering and focuses on a slow, richly-layered, build-up of events. Character development is arguably the most important element of Campbell's story-building, with Wet Moon in particular utilizing character journal entries and blog posts to reveal inner thoughts not always revealed in conversations with other characters. Some events will have no in-story explanation or are not elaborated on until much later in the storyline.

Campbell's characters tend towards adolescent females or young women, a departure from many mainstream comics which usually center around male characters or a single female character often portrayed as a sex icon. In contrast, Campbell's characters are diverse including various races, body types, sexual orientations as well as differently-abled characters. One of the most notable things about Campbell's art style is this body diversity. Campbell eschews the cookie-cutter body types of mainstream comics characters and his characters embody a stylized realism where even small imperfections such as birthmarks and scars are rendered.


He is the creator of The Abandoned,[1] Mountain Girl, Shadoweyes,[2] Wet Moon, and Water Baby.

He drew the story "The Hollows" for the first issue of the DC/Vertigo comic House of Mystery written by Bill Willingham.

From June 2009 to March 2013, Ross was a co-host on the AudioShocker's "A Podcast with Ross and Nick". As of June 2013, he is a co-host on the podcast "Everything Blows with Ross and Nick".[3]


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