Rossi Residencial

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Rossi Residencial S.A
Sociedade Anônima
Traded as BM&F BovespaRSID3
Industry Construction & Real estate
Founded 1992
Headquarters São Paulo, Brazil
Key people
João Rossi Cuppoloni, (Chairman)
Heitor Cantergiani, (CEO)
Products House-building
Revenue Increase US$ 902.2 billion (2012)[1]
Increase US$ 17.3 million (2013) [2]

Rossi Residencial is the sixth largest Brazilian residential construction company, after its big competitors such as PDG, Cyrela Brazil Realty, MRV and Brookfield Incorporações.

The company operates in real estate. Is present in more than 56 Brazilian cities, from headquarters in São Paulo and in regional offices located in cities such as Campinas, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and others.

The Rossi takes part in all phases of a real estate venture. Exploration of the land to the project, construction for sale, by delivery of property.

Rossi Residencial is part of the Rossi Group, founded in 1913, today the 4th generation of the Rossi family, one of the leading groups of engineering, construction and incorporation of Brazil, which over its history of cooperating with the development of the country not only through the engineering, but also in other areas.

Since its founding, the Rossi Group is characterized by the development of modern administrative and operational methods, the use of efficient building technologies and increasing experience in all types of construction.