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Rossica Translation Prize
Logo for Rossica Translation Prize.jpg
Awarded for Rewarding the best translation to English of a literary work in Russian.
Location London
Country England
Presented by Academia Rossica
First awarded 2005
Official website

The Rossica Translation Prize is a biennial award given to an exceptional published translation of a literary work from Russian into English.[1] It is the only prize in the world for Russian to English literary translations.[2]

History of the prize[edit]

The prize was inaugurated in 2003 by Academia Rossica and has been presented since 2005. The distinction comes with a cash prize, which is split between the translator and the publisher at the discretion of the panel of judges. In previous years, the prize has been awarded in London on the 24th of May, the birth date of Saints Cyril and Methodius, creators of the Slavic alphabet. It is now awarded as part of the SLOVO Russian Literature Festival.[3] Excerpts of the winning and runner-up translations are printed in an accompanying Rossica journal.

Since 2009, the Academia Rossica has also been awarding the annual Rossica Young Translators Prize for anyone under 25.[citation needed]

Shortlist and winners[edit]

The winner is marked with a blue ribbon.


The shortlist was announced on February 28, 2014.[4] The winner was announced on March 21, 2014.[5]


The winner was announced on May 23, 2012.[6] Also, a special commendation for the variety and quality of their translations was awarded to Hugh and Galya Aplin.


The winner was announced on May 25, 2009.[7]


The winner was announced on May 25, 2007.[8] A special commendation was awarded to Robert Chandler, in particular for his translation of The Railway by Hamid Ismailov and also for his lifetime oeuvre of translations.


The winner was announced on October 15, 2005. Special commendations were awarded to Michael Molnar and Robin Kemball.[9]


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