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The word roundhead or roundheads may refer to any of several things.

In English history, "roundhead" can refer to:

  • Roundhead, a supporter of the Parliamentarian and Puritan faction during the English Civil War
  • more generally, any member of the Puritan movement in English history
  • Roundhead (weapon), a type of mace used during the English Civil War


  • Roundhead, a Wyandot chief who fought in the War of 1812
  • "Roundhead" refers to the earliest complex of rock art paintings prevalent in the south east of the Tassili n'Ajjer plateau (Algeria)

Several organisms have the English common name "roundhead":

  • Roundhead, also known as longfin, is a common name for fish of the family Plesiopidae
  • Roundhead galaxias (Galaxias anomalus), a species of galaxiid fish
  • Roundhead, a common name occasionally used for mushrooms of the genus Stropharia

Several place names in the United States carry the name "Roundhead":

In coastal engineering, "roundhead" is:

In popular culture, "roundhead" can refer to: