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Roy V. Aragon (born October 31, 1968) is a Filipino writer writing in the Iloko and Filipino languages. He is an award-winning fictionist and poet, and also works as a translator. Among his awards and prizes are two third-place prizes and one second-place prize in the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature's short story contest in the Iloko and Filipino divisions, received in 1999, 2001, and 2014 respectively. He has also won numerous prizes in Ilokano literary contests, such as the Gov. Roque Ablan Awards for Iloko Literature (GRAAFIL). He has published most of his short stories, poems, and feature articles in Bannawag, the leading Ilokano magazine in the Philippines.

He is a member of GUMIL Filipinas, the leading association of Ilokano writers which is considered the most active regional writer's group in the Philippines.

He is a native of Mabasa, Dupax del Norte, Nueva Vizcaya.


  • Short Stories: "Balang," "Babe," "Siak ni Kafka, Pusa," "Kanibusanan," "Bannuar," "Garami, Bislak, Bamban ken Padeppa," "Sirikit," "Maysa a Malem iti Paraiso," "Panungpalan," "Mijar Vadil, Mannurat: Taga-Dupax" "Ang Baliw ng Bayan ng Sili"
  • Books: BAGI: dandaniw (Ilokano poetry)


  • Palanca Awards
  • Talaang Ginto-Gantimpalang Collantes, Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino
  • Gov. Roque Ablan Awards for Iloko Literature (GRAAFIL)