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Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.
Public Company (BSE500368) (NSERUCHISOYA)
Area served

Ruchi Soya was India's largest manufacturer of edible oil. Ruchi Soya has been ranked at 175 in the top 250 consumer products companies, in the "Global Powers of the Consumer Products Industry 2012", according to report published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte).[1]

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited, through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and sale of edible oils, vanaspati, bakery fats, and soya food primarily in India. It also offers soya chunks, granules, and soya flour products. The company is a part of the Ruchi Group. The company exports Agri-Commodities, including raw cotton. It procures material from its close business associates (directly ginners) based at various locations across India. It is exporting to various buying houses, textile mills, and trading companies worldwide. The company extracts various types of seed. It offers food products, such as textured soy protein, soya flour, fruit juice, and soya milk. The company also offers gram, wheat, rice, maize, shorgum, seeds, coffee, marine products, tuar, peas, barley, soap, fresh fruit bunch, seedling, and plant & machinery (equipment).[2]

In later 2010, Ruchi Soya formed a wholly subsidiary called Ruchi Industries Pte. Ltd. Singapore unit will engage in businesses including plantations and processing, dealing in agri-commodity, acquisitions/investments in plantation companies, etc.[3]


Ruchi's wide range of food products include cooking oils, soya foods, vanaspati and bakery fats. The edible oil range holds a number of brands including Mahakosh, which is an umbrella brand containing Soybean oil, Cottonseed oil, Groundnut oil; Ruchi Gold Palmolein and Ruchi Gold Mustard oil; Nutrela oils, namely Nutrela Soyabean oil, Nutrela Mustrad oil, Nutrela Sunflower oil, Nutrela Groundnut oil and Nutrela Rice Bran oil; and Sunrich sunflower oil. Nutrela is the largest selling soya foods brand in the country, with more than 50% market share. The two vanaspati brands, Nutrigold and Ruchi No. 1 are regional leaders in their respective categories. It also manufactures the soap brand Ruchi No. 1, available in four variants.


Dinesh Shahra is the Founder & Managing Director of Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd.[4] who is known in the industry for his strategic business understanding and maverick leadership.[5]


In December 2017, Ruchi Soya Industries entered into the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process because of its total debt of about Rs 12,000 crore.[6][7]


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