Rud Aero RA-2

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Role Unlimited Aerobatic
National origin United States
Manufacturer Rud Aero
First flight December 2012

The Rud Aero RA-2 is an American, all carbon fiber, unlimited aerobatic aircraft built by Rud Aero in the Experimental-Exhibition category.[1][2]

Design and development[edit]

The RA-2 is a single engine, tandem seat, low-wing, conventional landing gear equipped aircraft, made out of carbon fiber. It uses a constant chord symmetrical airfoil. It has interchangeable aerobatic and cross-country wings.[2][3]


Base model
RA-2T Trainer
Training model
Two-seat trainer model[2]

Specifications (RA-2)[edit]

Data from EAA

General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Capacity: 1
  • Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming AEIO-580 Horizontally opposed piston, 320 hp (240 kW)
  • Propellers: 4-bladed


  • g limits: +- 13G


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