Rustler 36

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Rustler 36
Designer Holman & Pye
Draft 5' 6"
Type Monohull yacht
Hull weight 16,806 lb
LOA 35' 4"
LWL 26' 11"
Beam 11' 11"
Hull Appendages
Keel/Board Type Long keel
Rig Type Bermudan sloop
Total sail area 693 ft2

The Rustler 36 is a cruising yacht produced by Rustler Yachts of Falmouth. First produced in the early 1980s by Orion Marine,[1] the yacht is of modern GRP construction, but retains the well ballasted long keel and strong construction of the traditional British sailing yacht.[2] The high standard of construction and traditional highly seaworthy profile differentiate it from cheaper, more lightly built mass production yachts such as the Beneteau range.[3]

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