Rustler Yachts

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Rustler Yachts
Limited company
Industry Yacht building
Predecessor Ralph Hogg
Headquarters Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Parent Falmouth Maritime Group
Divisions Bowman Yachts

Rustler Yachts is a British yachtbuilder based in Falmouth, Cornwall, with a reputation for handbuilding high quality, semi-custom yachts. The yachts are primarily cruising-orientated designs,[1] built from glassfibre composite, with traditional hull forms and heavily built construction.[2]

The origins of Rustler are in the mid-1960s, when Kim Holman designed the Rustler 31 for Russell Anstey of Poole (hence the name Rustler, a play on Russell). Russell started Anstey Yachts and built the first thirty five or so. The molds were then sold on and she was built by various companies.[3] In the early 1980s, Orion Marine and its founder Ralph Hogg began building the traditional Rustler 36 design.[4] In 2000 Ruster was established,[5] and in 2005 moved to a newly built factory.[1] Rustler also build yachts under the Bowman brand since the acquisition of Rival Bowman in 2002,[6] and until 2011 also produced yachts under the Starlight brand.

In 2007, Rustler introduced the Rustler 44, an elongated, taller version of the Rustler 42, with a raised deck saloon.

In 2009, the first daysailer was introduced, the Rustler 24, followed by the Rustler 33 in 2011.

In the near future, the company plans to introduce the Rustler 37 and Rustler 58.


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