Söderåsen National Park

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Söderåsen National Park
Söderåsens nationalpark
IUCN category II (national park)
View from Kopparhatten
Location Skåne County, Sweden
Coordinates 56°01′N 13°13′E / 56.017°N 13.217°E / 56.017; 13.217Coordinates: 56°01′N 13°13′E / 56.017°N 13.217°E / 56.017; 13.217
Area 16.25 km2 (6.27 sq mi)[1]
Established 2001[1]
Governing body Naturvårdsverket

Söderåsen is a ridge (or a horst) in Scania in southern Sweden. On Söderåsen is Scania's highest point: 212 m (696 ft) above sea level. It is intersected by several fissure valleys. The ridge extends from Röstånga in the southeast to the Åstorp in northwest.

Söderåsen National Park is located 30 km (19 mi) east of Helsingborg in Scania.

Söderåsens National Park[edit]

The Söderåsen National Park (Swedish: Söderåsens nationalpark) is a designated area of about 16 km2 (6.2 sq mi). Söderåsen national park established in 2001 in the municipalities of Klippan and Svalöv. It ranges from the Skäralid ravine in the north to the Nackarpsdalen in the south. It was already a protected area, and when it became a national park, the protection of the land increased.

Some of the noted features in the national park are the Oden Lake in Nackarpsdalen and the viewpoints Kopparhatten, Hjortsprånget and Lierna along the Skäralidsdalen.


On Söderåsen is the viewpoint Kopparhatten at a height of 200 m (660 ft). It is the highest point in Söderåsens national park. This part of the hill has a particularly dramatic landscape, with up to 90 m (300 ft) deep ravines.

Oden Lake[edit]

Oden Lake is a lake in Scania, in Sweden and belongs to Söderåsens National park. The lake is circular in shape, with a diameter of 150 m (490 ft) and it is 19 m (62 ft) deep. Oden Lake may have been formed from a glacier niche, and the name Oden Lake may have been due to the circular shape as compared to the Norse god Odin's one eye.


The landscape offers beautiful views of leafy deciduous forests and powerful screes with high rocks, flowing watercourses and wide vistas.

The forest, is made up of different types of wood as for example beech, oak and ash. The ground of the forest is covered with a notable amount of plant species. The area is rich with mushrooms, insects, water creatures, mosses, birds and bats.

Because of the rugged landscape, many characteristics of primeval forest have been preserved, such as an abundance of dead trees. This makes the insect life rich, with many rare beetles. The flora is also extremely rich, with species such as hollowwort, enchanter's nightshade and tall meadow-rue.

Panoramic view from Kopparhatten


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