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The S&P Global 1200 Index is a free-float weighted stock market index of global equities from Standard & Poor's. The index covers 31 countries and approximately 70 percent of global stock market capitalization. It is composed of seven regional indices:

The Global 1200 includes companies in all ten GICS sectors. The largest sector, in terms of weight and number of companies, is financials. Other top sectors represented are consumer discretionary, health care, and information technology. Among the smallest are utilities, materials, telecommunication services, and energy.


S&P also has the "S&P International 700", which is the S&P Global 1200 minus the S&P 500.[1]


iShares has a group of funds based on this index split up by GICS sectors (NYSE ArcaIXJ, NYSE ArcaIXC, NYSE ArcaIXN, NYSE ArcaKXI, NYSE ArcaIXP, NYSE ArcaIXG, NYSE ArcaMXI, NYSE ArcaEXI, NYSE ArcaJXI, NYSE ArcaRXI). This is similar to the Sector Spiders and some European funds based on the STOXX Europe 600.

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