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Tp 3508 Skara 01.06.00.jpg
Tp 3508 Skara 01.06.00
Type and origin
Power type Diesel-hydraulic
Builder Maschinenbau Kiel
Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna
Build date 1953-54
Total produced 25
UIC class 1'C1' (Tp)
D (T23)
Gauge 891 mm (2 ft 11 332 in) (Tp)
1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) (T23)
Length 10,700 mm (35 ft 1 14 in)
Loco weight 46 tonnes (45 long tons; 51 short tons)
tare weight
Transmission Hydraulic
Performance figures
Maximum speed 80 km/h (50 mph)
Power output 550 kW (740 hp)
Operators Statens Järnvägar
Numbers 3500-3524

Tp was a diesel-hydraulic locomotive operated by Swedish State Railways (Swedish: Statens Järnvägar, SJ) for hauling freight trains on its 891 mm (2 ft 11 332 in) narrow gauge railways. 25 were built in total, 20 by Maschinenbau Kiel and five on licence by Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna (The Swedish Railway Workshops).

During the 1960s most of the narrow gauge railways were converted to standard gauge, and SJ chose to rebuild the locomotives to this gauge, and also change the axle system to D, giving them the designation T23. Of the remaining ten Tps, six were scrapped in the 1970s while the last four remained in service until the 1980s. The latter have all been preserved.

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