SNCF Class Y 7100

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Class Y 7100
SNCF 7148 Strasbourg.JPG
Y 7148 at Strasbourg
Type and origin
Power type Diesel
Builder France Billard
France Decauville
Build date 1958–1962
Total produced 210
 • Whyte 0-4-0
 • UIC B
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Driver dia. 1,050 mm (3 ft 5 in)[1]
Wheelbase 3,685 mm (12 ft 1.1 in)[1]
Length 9.94 m (32 ft 7 in)[2]
Loco weight 32 tonnes (31 long tons; 35 short tons)[2]
Fuel type Diesel
Prime mover Poyaud 6PYT[2]
Engine type Diesel
Transmission Hydraulic
Performance figures
Maximum speed 54 km/h (34 mph)[2]
Power output 150 kW (200 hp)[2]
Tractive effort 73 kN (16,000 lbf)[2]
Operators SNCF
Class Y7100
Numbers Y7101–Y7310

The Y 7100 class of small shunters originally had 210 members. The first 130 were built by Billard, with the remaining 80 by Decauville. They have the 0-4-0 ("B") wheel arrangement, 150 kW diesel engines and hydraulic transmission. They can be found all over the French network.

Y 7192 was converted to mechanical transmission and renumbered as Y 7001. This locomotive was the prototype for the Y7400 class.


In addition to SNCF, VLFI have purchased four Y 7100 locomotives (numbers 7172, 7200, 7214 & 7245) from SNCF.[when?][2][page needed] two further locos are recorded in use in the Port of Rouen (Grand port maritime de Rouen french).


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