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This article describes the PO locomotives built c.1925 numbered E.1 to E.80; for the PO locomotives numbered PO E.1 to E.13 built c.1900 see SNCF BB 1280
PO E.1 to E.80
SNCF BB 1 to 80
E36 at Cité du Train (2007)
Type and origin
Power type Electric
Builder SEECF[citation needed]
Build date 1924–1927[1]
Total produced 80
 • UIC Bo′Bo′
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length 12.69 m (41 ft 8 in)[1]
Loco weight 72 tonnes (71 long tons; 79 short tons)[1]
Electric system/s 1.5 kV DC Catenary
Current pickup(s) Pantograph
Traction motors Four GE 276[citation needed]
Performance figures
Maximum speed 90 km/h (56 mph)[1]
Power output Continuous: 970 kW (1,301 hp)[1]
Operators Chemin de Fer de Paris à Orléans (PO)
Numbers PO: E.1 to E.80[2]
SNCF: BB 1 to BB 90[2]
Nicknames Biquette[1]
Withdrawn 1980[2]

The SNCF locomotives BB 1 to BB 80 were a class of 1500 V DC 4-axle electric locomotives originally built for the Chemin de Fer de Paris à Orléans in the 1920s. The locomotives were originally numbered E.1 to E.80 prior to the Paris and Orleans railway company's incorporation into the Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF) in 1937.[1]


The locomotives were used on both passenger and freight services, particularly in the suburbs of Paris. Between 1948 and 1950 28 of the class were sent to the depot at Chambéry to help with increased traffic between France and Italy, on the Ligne de la Maurienne (French).[1]

In 1960 22 of the class were modified to work in multiple and operate from a third rail supply, operating on the Maurienne line until displaced by the CC 6500 class in 1970.[2]

The locomotives were retired in 1980, one unit No.36 has been preserved at the Musée Français du Chemin de Fer in Mulhouse.[1]

Miniature models[edit]

Jouef has produced versions in HO scale in both Paris-Orleans,[3] and SNCF liverys.[4]

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