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Saba Dewan
Alma mater St. Stephen's College[1]
Known for Documentary film making

Saba Dewan is an Indian documentary film maker based in New Delhi. Her films are based on sexuality, gender, identity, communalism and culture. Her notable works include 'Dharmayuddha' (Holy War, 1989), 'Nasoor' (Festering Wound, 1991), 'Khel' (The Play, 1994), 'Barf' (Snow, 1997) and 'Sita's Family' (2001). She is best known for her trilogy on stigmatized female performers, 'Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi (2006), 'Naach' (The Dance, 2008) and The Other Song (2009).[2]


Saba was born and brought up in New Delhi. She finished her schooling in 1982 and completed her Bachelors in History from St. Stephen's college, University of Delhi from 1982-1985.[3] She further received a master's degree in Mass Communications from the Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia.[4]


Saba has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1987. Her film 'Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi' (2006) focused on the lives of bar dancers in Mumbai, 'Naach' (The Dance, 2008) explored the lives of women who dance in rural fairs and the third and final film of the trilogy 'The Other Song' (2009) was about the art and lifestyle of the tawaifs or courtesans of Varanasi.[5] In 2006, Saba withdrew her film 'Delhi Mumbai Delhi,' in protest against clause 8 of the regulations put in place by the Film Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.[6] Currently, Saba is writing a book about Tawaifs.[7]


  • Dharmayuddha (1989)
  • Nasoor (1991)
  • Khel (1994)
  • Barf (1997)
  • Sita's Family (2001)
  • Delhi-Mumbai-Delhi (2006)
  • Naach (2008)
  • The Other Song (2009)


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