Sabeco Brewery

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state owned
Industry Beverages
Headquarters Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Area served
Key people

Pham Thi Hong Hanh (general director),

Phan Dang Tuat (board chairman)[1]
Products Beer
Production output
1.2 billion liters (2011)[2]
Revenue 22,313 bn VND (2011)[2]
2,996 bn VND (2011)[3]
2,344 bn VND (2011)[2]
Owner Ministry of Industry and Trade Vietnam
Website official website (in Vietnamese)

Sabeco (also SABECO, Saigon Alcohol Beer and Beverages Corporation, Vietnamese: Tổng Công ty Cổ phần Bia – Rượu – Nước giải khát Sài Gòn) is Vietnam's leading beer producer.[3] It is owned and under the authority of Vietnam's Ministry of Trade and Industry.[4] In 2011, Sabeco produced 1.2 billion liters of beer, 51.4% of the national market.[3] Its main brands are Saigon Beer and 333 Beer.

Saigon Beer for export, as seen in Helsinki, Finland.

Sabeco has several regional subsidiaries throughout Vietnam.[2]


Vietnam's Ministry of Trade and Industry owns almost 89.59% of Sabeco as of September 2012,[5] as well a majority of shares of the competitor Habeco.[3] The Ministry's leadership announced in July 2012 that it does not yet intend to cease controlling the company.[6] Nguyễn Bá Thi, former chairman of the Managing Board who was fired by the Ministry in May 2012,[1] said that the Ministry has been interfering too much in the company.[5] The current management also complains about unclear rules that restrict the company.[5]

Sabeco had an initial public offering in 2008.[5]

As of September 2012 there were five international companies that were interested in investing in Sabeco.[5] Heineken, SAB Miller, Kirin and Asahi have indicated interest in becoming a stakeholder or strategic partner.[7] [8]

Market share and competition[edit]

Saigon beer, a product of Sabeco

Sabeco's market share was 51.4% in 2010.[3] Its main competitors are Habeco (also owned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade) (13.9%) and Vietnam Brewery Limited (VBL, 29.7%), a joint-venture of Singapore's Asia Pacific Breweries and Saigon Trading Group (Satra), which brews and sells Heineken, Tiger Beer and Bière Larue in Vietnam.[3]

Vietnam War Era[edit]

Ba Muoi Ba Biere (33 Beer) was a popular local brand among American soldiers during the U.S. conflict in Vietnam. It was the precursor to "333" Biere. "33" Biere Export is made by BGI Tien Giang.


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