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Korean clothing-Hanbok-Saekdong jeogori-01.jpg
Saekdong jeogori
Korean name
Hangul 색동옷
Hanja 色동옷
Revised Romanization saekdongot
McCune–Reischauer saekdongot

The saekdongot is a type of hanbok, Korean traditional clothing, with colorful stripes by patchworking. It began to be used for hanbok since the Goryeo period (918 – 1392). The name literally means "many colored (saekdong) clothes (ot)" in Korean. Saekdong reminds one of the rainbow, which in turn evokes thoughts of children's pure dreams. It was usually worn by children from the age of one to seven year old. Such appliances of saekdong has been used throughout hanbok such as jeogori (a short jacket with sashes), magoja (a buttoned jacket), durumagi (an overcoat) and among other garments.[1][2]


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