Sagittaria graminea

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Grass-leaved arrowhead
Sagittaria graminea.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Alismatales
Family: Alismataceae
Genus: Sagittaria
S. graminea
Binomial name
Sagittaria graminea
  • Diphorea graminea (Michx.) Raf.
  • Sagitta graminea (Michx.) Nieuwl.
  • Sagittaria cycloptera (J.G.Sm.) C.Mohr
  • Sagittaria eatonii J.G.Sm.
  • Sagittaria repens J.J.Singer.
  • Sagittaria edwardsiana R.T.Clausen
  • Sagittaria graminea var. cycloptera J.G.Sm.
  • Sagittaria graminea subsp. edwardsiana (R.T.Clausen) R.T.Clausen
  • Sagittaria graminea var. elliptica N.Coleman
  • Sagittaria purshii Rich. ex Kunth
  • Sagittaria sagittifolia var. simplex Hook.
  • Sagittaria simplex Torr.
  • Sagittaria stolonifera Engelm. & A.Gray

Sagittaria graminea, the grassy arrowhead[2] or grass-leaved arrowhead,[3] is an aquatic plant species native to eastern North America. It is known from every Canadian province from Ontario to Newfoundland, and every US state from the Great Plains to the Atlantic, plus Colorado, New Mexico and Cuba. It is considered naturalized in Washington State and in Vietnam.[4][5]

Sagittaria graminea grows in wet areas such as marshes and the banks of rivers and lakes. It is a perennial herb up to 100 cm tall with long-linear, grass-like leaves. [5][6]


A long list of varietal and subspecific names have been proposed over the years. Most have either been elevated to the species level or relegated to synonymy. At the present time (April 2014) only two are recognized:[1][4]

  • Sagittaria graminea subsp. graminea
  • Sagittaria graminea subsp. weatherbiana (Fernald) R.R.Haynes & Hellq.[7]


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