Sahatrakund Waterfall

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Sahasrakund Waterfall
सहस्रकुंड धबधबा
LocationKinwat, Nanded district, Maharashtra, India

Sahasrakund Waterfall is a waterfall near islapur in kinwat taluka of nanded district. This town is on the boundary of Yavatmal and Nanded on Penganga river.


Sahasrakund situated at a distance 172 km from Yavatmal and 100 km from Nanded . It is also 50 km from Nirmal and 100 km from Adilabad.

Temples around Waterfall[edit]

Along with natural scenery waterfall is also known for temples around it. Following are the temple around Waterfall:

  1. Panchamukhi Mahadev Temple
  2. Ram temple
  3. Banganga Mahadev Temple

It is considered as important tourist attraction in rainy season. Waterfall is also known for its rock pattern which looks like black metal.

Sahasra[1]is the correct prefix that means "a thousand", not SahasTra. However, it is invariably misspelled as the latter. Notice how the same prefix is spelled when referring to the crown chakra: "Sahasrara Chakra"[2] or when it occurs in family names (example: Sahasrabuddhe[3]) without a T. Also see Sahasralinga.[4][better source needed] The confusion arises because the Hindi letter "Sa" (स) merges with "ra" (र) and looks like "tra".

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