Salyan, Nepal

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सल्यान खलङ्गा
Salyān Khalangā
Salyān is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 28°22′31″N 82°9′42″E / 28.37528°N 82.16167°E / 28.37528; 82.16167Coordinates: 28°22′31″N 82°9′42″E / 28.37528°N 82.16167°E / 28.37528; 82.16167
Country    Nepal
Development Region Mid-Western
Zone Rapti Zone
District Salyan District
Elevation 1,530 m (5,020 ft)
Postal code 22200
Area code(s) 088
District Health Office and District Hospital, Salyan khalanga.jpeg

Salyan or Salyan Khalanga is the headquarters of Salyan District in the mid-west 'hills' of Nepal. It is located at 28°22'31N 82°9'42E at 1530 metres elevation (5020 feet).[1]

Rapti Highway from Tulsipur follows the Sarda River 3 km. (1.9 miles) east of the town at 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) elevation. As of 2010 it was being extended north to Musikot, Rukum District A spur road from this highway climbs up to Salyan Khalanga and the town has bus connections to Tulsipur, Ghorahi and Mahendra Highway.