Sammy Jo Carrington

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Sammy Jo Carrington
Sammy Jo-Heather Locklear.jpg
Heather Locklear as Sammy Jo Carrington
DYNASTY character
Portrayed by Heather Locklear (1981–89, 1991)
First appearance "Reconciliation" (1981)
Last appearance "Catch 22" (1989)
Created by Richard and Esther Shapiro
Dynasty: The Reunion (1991)
Occupation Model for Fashion Fury
Owner of Delta Rho Stables
Former model in New York

Sammy Jo Carrington (born Samantha Josephine Dean; formerly Fallmont) is a fictional character on the American TV series Dynasty. Sammy Jo is the niece of Krystle Carrington (Linda Evans) who marries and has a son with Steven Carrington (Al Corley/Jack Coleman).

The role was originated by Heather Locklear in 1981, during the second season; the character was a recurring character from seasons two to five. Sammy Jo would return for short stints every year, until the end of the fifth season in 1985 when she would become a permanent cast member. Locklear remained until the series finale in 1989, and returned for the 1991 miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion.

Season two[edit]

Young Sammy Jo Dean is traveling the amateur race car circuit with her stepfather, Frank Dean, when he announces that he is taking her to live with her aunt, Krystle, who has recently married millionaire Blake Carrington. Sammy Jo becomes romantically involved with Blake's son, Steven, who has been struggling with his sexuality. Neither Blake nor his ex-wife, Alexis, particularly care for Sammy Jo, who is a bit common for their tastes. Sammy Jo and Steven elope, much to the disapproval of the rest of the family. It becomes clear that Sammy Jo has married Steven for his money. She starts buying expensive clothes and charging them to Blake. Sammy Jo overhears Steven talking with Alexis about Blake not being Fallon's biological father. Later, while drunk and arguing with Fallon at a party, Sammy Jo throws it in Fallon's face that Blake is not her real father, prompting the pregnant Fallon to drive off upset and wind up in a car crash, resulting in her having to have an emergency c-section. When Alexis learns that it was Sammy Jo who told Fallon that Blake wasn't her father, she offers Sammy Jo a check for $20,000 to sign a declaration stating that she and Steven never consummated their marriage, therefore being grounds for annulment of the marriage. Sammy Jo refuses to sign the declaration and instead, blackmails Alexis by threatening to show Steven the declaration unless Alexis gives her $20,000. Sammy Jo takes the money and leaves Denver. Steven chases after her to Hollywood, but she rejects him, telling him that he can't give her the material things that she wants.

Season three[edit]

After Steven goes missing and is presumed dead, Sammy Jo returns to Denver with a baby, Danny, that she claims is hers and Steven's. She leaves the baby with Blake and Krystle and moves to New York to pursue a modeling career. When Steven turns up alive, he goes to New York and suggests that they marry. Sammy Jo refuses.

Season four[edit]

Steven's new wife Claudia starts receiving gifts and phone calls from her missing (and presumed dead) husband, Matthew. Eventually they learn that the calls and gifts were sent by Morgan Hess, a private investigator with ties to Alexis. However it is Sammy Jo who is harassing the couple. She returns to Denver and announces that she will fight for custody of Danny.

Season five[edit]

Sammy Jo tricks Steven's brother, Adam, to take her to the airport, allowing her to kidnap Danny. She demands $30,000/month for his return. However Claudia convinces Adam to help get Danny back. He does, and Sammy Jo returns to New York, defeated.

Later, Krystle comes to visit Sammy Jo accompanied by Daniel Reece. She tells Sammy Jo that Daniel is her father. Not long afterwards, Daniel dies leaving his wealth to Sammy Jo. However, Krystle is executor and refuses to dispense the inheritance unless Sammy Jo "straightens up." Furious, Sammy Jo returns to New York, vowing revenge. When her actress flatmate Rita Lesley practices speaking without her Southern accent and dons a blond wig for a new role, Sammy Jo realizes she is Krystle's lookalike. A plan begins to form in her mind.

Season Six[edit]

Sammy Jo plans to use Rita to impersonate Krystle to trick the bank into releasing her inheritance. Rita's lover Joel Abrigore takes over the scheme: Rita will be used to embezzle as much of Blake's money as possible. Krystle is kidnapped by Joel and Rita takes her place in the Carrington mansion. Sammy Jo becomes uncomfortable with the plan when she suspects they are poisoning Blake.

In episode 132, a frightened Sammy Jo confesses to Steven. He saves his father from Rita while Sammy Jo frees Krystle from captivity. Blake and Krystle agree not to press charges in return for Sammy Jo's cooperation with the police search for Joel and Rita.

Sammy Jo becomes romantically involved with Clay Fallmont. When she catches him kissing his ex-girlfriend Amanda Carrington at the La Mirage Hotel, the women get into a fight and fall into the pool. Amanda grabs Sammy Jo and holds her underwater. Meanwhile, La Mirage erupts in flame as a fire takes hold.

Season Seven[edit]

Sammy Jo and Clay are married. In episode 155, Sammy Jo taunts Steven with threats of a custody battle. In episode 157, Steven is distressed to learn that Danny is demonstrating troubling behavior at school. Sammy Jo continues to threaten Steven, but by episode 163 her quickie marriage to Clay is in trouble and two episodes later it is annulled. Sammy Jo and Steven agree to put aside their differences for Danny's benefit, and in episode 166 agree to live together platonically in an attempt to give Danny a normal home life. In episode 171, however, they give into romantic feelings and make love. Steven, once again, is conflicted over his emotions and sexuality. In episode 172, a frustrated Steven goes recklessly horseback riding, and is injured when he is thrown from his horse. He decides to move out of Sammy Jo's ranch and leaves Danny with his mother.

Season Eight[edit]

When Sammy Jo becomes romantically involved with quarterback Josh Harris, Steven is outraged. When Josh's playing becomes erratic, Steven orders a medical screening. Josh, a cocaine addict, quits the team. Josh proposes to Sammy Jo, and when she refuses he overdoses and dies.

Sammy Jo starts to date Jeff Colby, and he proposes. Sammy Jo accepts, not knowing that he's been sleeping with his ex-wife, Fallon (who is also Steven's sister).

Season Nine[edit]

When Sammy Jo learns about Jeff and Fallon, the women have a muddy catfight, but it ends on a comical note when they realize that neither one of them wants Jeff. Sammy Jo becomes romantically involved with Tanner McBride, only to learn that he's a Catholic priest.


By the 1991 Dynasty Reunion miniseries, Sammy Jo has returned to her modeling career in New York. She is sleeping with her married boss, which ultimately gets her fired. She returns to Denver and is welcomed back into the Carrington family.

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