Samogo languages

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West Africa
Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo
  • Mande
    • Western Mande
      • Northwestern
        • Samogo

The Samogo languages are a small group of Mande languages of Mali and Burkina Faso.

  • Seenku (Seeku, Sembla, Seemogo)
  • Duun
    • Dzuun (East Duun). Dialects: Kpango (Kpan, Samoro-guan), Dzùùngoo (Samogo-iri).
    • Duun (West Duun, Du, Duungooma, Samogo-sien)
    • Banka (Bankagooma)

The name Samogo or Samogho is a Jula and Bambara term for several Mande languages which do not necessarily form a clade, including Jowulu (Jɔ) and the Samo languages.


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