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Samra is a given name in Arabic.

It may refer to:


  • Al-Samra, former Palestinian Arab village in the Tiberias subdistrict located 10 km southeast of Tiberias depopulated during the 1947–1948 Civil War
  • As Samra Mountain or Samra Mountain, overlooking the Saudi city of Ha'il
  • Abu Samra, a settlement in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al Rayyan


  • Samra ibn Jundab al-Fazari (d. 60 AH / 680 CE), a sahaba of Prophet Muhammad
  • Samra Bukhari, Pakistani novelist and dramatist
  • Samra Rahimli (born 1994), Azerbaijani singer representing the country in Eurovision Song Contest 2016
  • Amarjit Singh Samra, Indian politician and member of Indian National Congress
  • Joti Samra, Canadian television personality
  • Kristos Samra or Christos Samra, (born c. 15th century), Ethiopian female saint who founded a monastery of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
  • Nicholas Samra (born 1944), eparch of the Melkite Catholic Eparchy of Newton in the United States
  • Ofer Samra (born 1954), Israeli-born Jewish bodybuilder and actor
  • Omar Samra (born 1978), adventurer, mountaineer, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker


  • SaMRA, or Save Men's Rights Association, a Punjab-based NGO registered under the Indian Societies Registration Act