Samuel von Brukenthal National College

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Samuel von Brukenthal National College
Samuel-von-Brukenthal-Gymnasium / Colegiul Național „Samuel von Brukenthal”
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Samuel von Brukenthal National College (German: Samuel-von-Brukenthal-Gymnasium; Romanian: Colegiul Național „Samuel von Brukenthal”); Hungarian: Samuel von Brukenthal Nemzeti Kollégium) is a German-language high school founded in Nagyszeben, Transylvania, Kingdom of Hungary (today in Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania). The school is named after Samuel von Brukenthal, governor of the Grand Principality of Transylvania between 6 July 1774 and 9 January 1787. The earliest record of the school is from 1380, making it the oldest German-language school in Romania. The current school building was built between 1779 and 1786 on the site of an earlier school, and is classified as a historical monument with LMI code SB-II-m-A-12082.

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