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Map of Azerbaijan showing Samukh Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Samukh Rayon
Country Azerbaijan
Capital Nəbiağalı
 • Total 1,450 km2 (560 sq mi)
Population (2011)[2]
 • Total 54,600
Zip Code AZ5100
Telephone code 0265
Road sign at the entrance to Samukh Rayon

Samukh (Azerbaijani: Samux) is a rayon of Azerbaijan. Nəbiağalı settlement is its administrative center.


The term Samukh comes from a Caucasian Albanian word for 'Forest Hunting Place'.[3] There are Bronze Age burial mounds around Nəbiağalı.

Samukh Rayon was formed in 1930, with a center in Garachayly settlement. Safaraliyev Rayon detached from Ganjabasar rayons was formed on January 24, 1940 by the Decree №11 of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR. In 1954, Samukh Rayon was eliminated and joined to Safaraliyev Rayon because of the construction of Mingechevir Hydro Power Plant. In 1959, Safaraliyev Rayon was also abolished. Samukh Rayon was again formed by the Decree №72 of National Soviet of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan since February 18, 1992 with a center in Safaraliyev settlement. Since December 31, 1992 Safaraliyev settlement was renamed to Nəbiağalı.[4][5]


There are such rare trees as Eldar pear and Gum-tree, which grow right on rocks, not saline lands. The tree grows only on an area of 392 hectares in Samukh. The Eldar pine-tree emits a lot of oxygen, therefore, it is good for those suffering from asthma.[6]


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