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Sardheri (also known as Sardhero or Sardheray) is a town located in Charsadda District in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.


Sardheri is situated on the Charsadda-Mardan road, 6 miles from Charsadda city towards East or 15 miles from Mardan towards West. From the Motorway charsadda interchange it is located about 6 km. The land of this town is very fertile, where three crops can be grown in a year. Major crops grown here are sugar cane, tobacco, wheat and many vegetables. As the lands held by the owners have been subdivided with subsequent divisions within families; a new trend of cultivating vegetables has been introduced.

Sardheri is a central town to many famous rural areas such as station koroona, Ghunda Karkanna, Sher Ali Khan Kaley, Shamilat Hajyano Kaley, Hama Gul Kaley, Qazi Abad, Shakaray, Zarin Abad, Ibrahim Zai, Palosa, Mahmond Nari, Balooli, Ahmad Ustaz Kali, Hasan Khel, Ghunda Karkana, Kuladher, Malkadher, UC Sheikho .Ibad khan Sheikho.Gulabad, Manga Dargai and also the big Village Wardaga (Faqir abad). Ghunda Karkana is of central importance in the religious, political, economical, agricultural and ethical aspects in not only Ashnaghar but also in provincial, national and international concerns. Recently a new Dar-ul-ulom (religious school) is also built (in Hajyano Kaley)there in which the trend of religious knowledge is being totally changed in which there is no violence is taught.


Most of the people of Sardheri are Pakhtuns. The majorities are from the known tribes of DURRANI'S(da Rahimy Khanan), KAKAKHAILS [KAMBAR KHEL MIANGAN] Ghani khel(Anni khel), Mohmand, Muhammad Zai, Yousaf Zai, Wardag, Kanan khel Utman Khel, Umar Zai, painda khel and others.

Notable people[edit]

Sardheri is the home town of the great leader and social reformer Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. The fertile soil of Sardheri has borne a number of politicians, poets, educationalists etc.

Notable landmarks[edit]

MASJID BABA JI, Rahima kaly, Gujranu kaly, Wali Bagh, Wardaga, Saeed Public School, Government Middle Scholls Zarin Abad, Scarp China Sher Ali Khal Kaley, Dak Khana Stop, Jamat ul Banat Al Islamia, Lacson Tobacco, Pakistan Depot, Sardheri Railway Station are some of the landmarks in Sardheri. Station korrona and Play ground

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