Sarsuna College

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Sarsuna College
Logo sarsuna college.jpg
Type Undergraduate and Post-graduate college
Established 1999
Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Campus 4/HB/A, Ho-Chi-Minh Sarani, Sarsuna Upanagari, Kolkata 700061
Affiliations University of Calcutta

Sarsuna College, established in 1999, is the undergraduate college in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is affiliated with the University of Calcutta. Sarsuna College is a relatively new institution of higher learning under the University of Calcutta. It started to function as an evening College in the building of Sarsuna High School. The College had no wealthy patrons, no endowments in land or property and no institutional grounding. It was born and nurtured on the incredible commitment, zeal and gritty determination of a few extraordinary individuals and the accumulated hard-earned donations of hundreds of people whose dreams are embodied in this sprawling four storied structure and nurtured in the growth and progress of its two thousand strong student community. It is the aim of this College to maintain both the pace and the multifaceted nature of this progress. We, the College are firm in our resolution to stand Janus like between yesterday and tomorrow rooted in the reality of the present; not denying the past while welcoming the future. The College believes that education is a means and an end, a journey and a destination, a challenge and a provider of solutions. The College is committed to the creation of intellectual space where students from various social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds find the necessary freedom and stimulus to discover and nurture individual talents. Finally since no development: individual or collective is possible without institutional discipline, the College is committed to make no compromises on this score. The objective of this College is aptly embodied in the immortal words of Tagore, a part of which forms its motto “Let the divine fire of knowledge enlighten, purify and discipline human soul”. 19 February 2000 by Chief Minister of West Bengal, Sri Jyoti Basu

Inauguration of the College Building[edit]

22 February 2003 Inaugurated by Chief Minister of West Bengal,Sri Jyoti Basu


Logo sarsuna college.jpg

The logo of the college symbolises a pen on an open book partially encircled by the first line of one of Rabindranath Tagore’s well known song, Aguner Parashmani Chhoyaon Praane (আগুনের পরশমণি ছোঁয়াও প্রাণে). This logo is a graphic representation of the college motto Let the divine fire of knowledge enlighten, purify and discipline human soul.