Satal Rathore of Marwar

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Rao of Marwar
Reign 6 April 1489 – March 1492
Died 1492
Dynasty Rathore

Rao Satal Ji Rathore (reigned 1489–1492) was a 15th-century ruler of Marwar. He was the son of Rao Jodha. Rao Satal is considered as one of the greatest martyrs of his race, as he sacrificed his own life to keep the honour of his subjects.[1]

On hearing that Afghan soldiers had abducted 140 girls from a village near Mertia, he set out with an army to rescue the girls.[2] In the ensuing Battle of Peepar, Satal killed the leader of the abductors, Gudhla Khan and saved the girls, but he succumbed to his wounds and died that night. He was succeeded by his brother Suja.


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Satal Rathore of Marwar
Preceded by
Rao of Marwar
6 April 1489 – March 1492
Succeeded by