Diwan Sawan Mal Chopra

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Diwan Sawan Mal Chopra was the Khatri Diwan (governor) of Lahore and Multan. He was originally from Gujranwala, the region where Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Misl, the Sukerchakias held sway. Along with Hari Singh Nalwa, he was a top commander in Ranjit Singh's army. As a general under Ranjit Singh, he wrested the 'subah'(province) of Multan from the Durrani Afghans in 1823, after which he was made governor of the region, instituting improvements in agricultural production through irrigation schemes.

In 1834 he signed an agreement on behalf of the Maharaja with Sardar Karam Khan, a mazari warrior respected highly in his tribe as well as in sikh army. Sardar Karam Khan was a younger brother of Mir bahram Khan, Chief of the Mazari tribe, thereby ending the long war between the Sikhs and the Mazaris of Rojhan. He was succeeded to the governorship of Multan by his son, Diwan Mulraj Chopra.