Muhammad as-Sadr

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Muhammed as-Sadr
Sayyid Mohammad Al-Sadr.jpg
17th Prime Minister of Iraq
In office
29 January 1948 – 26 June 1948
Monarch Faisal II
Prince Abdullah (Regent)
Preceded by Salih Jabr
Succeeded by Muzahim al-Pachachi
Personal details
Born 1882
Nationality Iraqi
Political party Independent
Relations Muqtada al-Sadr
Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr
Musa as-Sadr
Religion Shia Islam

Muhammad as-Sadr (Arabic: سيد محمد الصدر) was an Iraqi statesman. A member of the prominent Sadr family, he served as Prime Minister from 29 January 1948 to 26 June 1948.[1]

He died on 3 April 1956.[citation needed]