Scelba Cabinet

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Scelba Cabinet
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10th cabinet of Italy
Mario Scelba Official.jpeg
Date formed 10 February 1954
Date dissolved 6 July 1955
People and organisations
Head of state Luigi Einaudi
Head of government Mario Scelba
Total no. of ministers 20
Member party DC, PSDI, PLI
Predecessor Fanfani I Cabinet
Successor Segni I Cabinet

The Scelba Cabinet was the cabinet of the Italian government which held office from 10 February 1954 until 6 July 1955, for a total of 511 days, or 1 year, 4 months and 26 days.[1]

After the election of Giovanni Gronchi as new President of Italy, Scelba resigned as Prime Minister.

Parties involved in the cabinet[edit]

The government was composed by the following parties:

Party Ideology Leader
Christian Democracy (DC) Christian democracy Amintore Fanfani
Italian Democratic Socialist Party (PSDI) Social democracy Giuseppe Saragat
Italian Liberal Party (PLI) Liberalism Giovanni Malagodi

Investiture votes[edit]

Investiture votes for Scelba Cabinet
House of Parliament Vote Parties Votes
Senate of the Republic ☑Y Yes DC (116), PSDI (4), PLI (3), SVP (2)
125 / 237
☒N No PCI (51), PSI (26), PNM (16), MSI (9), UP (9), Others (1)
112 / 237
Chamber of Deputies ☑Y Yes DC (263), PSDI (19), PLI (16), PRI (5), SVP (3)
303 / 590
☒N No PCI (143), PSI (75), PNM (40), MSI (29)
287 / 590


Office Name Party Term
Prime Minister Mario Scelba Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Deputy Prime Minister Giuseppe Saragat Italian Democratic Socialist Party (1954–1955)
Minister of the Interior Mario Scelba Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Attilio Piccioni Christian Democracy (1954–1954)
Gaetano Martino Italian Liberal Party (1954–1955)
Minister of Grace and Justice Michele De Pietro Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Finance Roberto Tremelloni Italian Democratic Socialist Party (1954–1955)
Minister of Treasury Silvio Gava Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Budget Ezio Vanoni Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Defence Paolo Emilio Taviani Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Industry and Commerce Bruno Villabruna Italian Liberal Party (1954–1955)
Minister of Foreign Trade Mario Martinelli Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Agriculture and Forests Giuseppe Medici Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Public Works Giuseppe Romita Italian Democratic Socialist Party (1954–1955)
Minister of Labour and Social Security Ezio Vigorelli Italian Democratic Socialist Party (1954–1955)
Minister of Public Education Gaetano Martino Italian Liberal Party (1954–1954)
Giuseppe Ermini Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Transports Bernardo Mattarella Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Merchant Navy Fernando Tambroni Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Telecommunications Gennaro Cassiani Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of the Fund for the South Pietro Campili Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister for the Administrative Reform Umberto Tupini Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Parliamentary Relations Raffaele De Caro Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Giovanni Ponti Christian Democracy (1954–1955)
Secretary of the Council of Ministers Oscar Luigi Scalfaro Christian Democracy (1954–1955)