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Scheugenpflug AG
Industry Mechanical Engineering
Founded 1990
Founder Erich Scheugenpflug
Headquarters Neustadt an der Donau, Germany
Area served
Key people
Products Resin dispensing systems
Number of employees
470 (2017)
Headquarters of Scheugenpflug AG in Neustadt an der Donau, Germany.

Scheugenpflug AG is one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive bonding, dispensing and potting systems for synthetic resins or thermally conductive pastes. In this special segment only few enterprises of super regional importance are active in the whole world. Target industries include automotive and electronics industry, telecommunications engineering, medical technology and the chemical industry.


Founded in 1990 by Erich Scheugenpflug, who gained first experience in resin casting as employee of Siemens AG in Munich. In the course of the years the enterprise accomplished a leading role in the market for resin dispensing systems[2] by gaining special know-how, demonstrated by numerous patents.[3]

In the course of the years it became obvious, that manufacturing steps before and after the casting had to be integrated into the design of resin casting systems in order to optimize the whole process. This caused the addition of automation to the range of products.

Because the company is active not only in the highly industrialized countries of Europe and in USA, but also in emerging markets like India [4] or Mexico, it was necessary to adapt the degree of automation of the delivered systems and machines to the level of wages and to the level of skills of the employees. This resulted in the creation of preconfigured modular compounds that can be put together quickly to form individually designed systems.

Now (2017) Scheugenpflug AG operates four subsidiaries in China, USA and Mexico and has sales partners in many parts of the world. The company employs more than 470 people worldwide, of which about 370 work in the German headquarters.


Scheugenpflug AG mainly produces piston dispensing systems of highest precision. A special, patented method inhibits delayed loosing of drops. This product has established the reputation of the company in the area of resin casting. The product portfolio features various dispensers and dispensing cells for both atmospheric dispensing and vacuum potting.

The company also manufactures a variety of material preparation and feeding systems for liquid and pasty materials, even for such containing highly abrasive fillers. These systems are designed for container sizes ranging from standard cartridges to barrels. A patented vacuum follower plate was designed to facilitate the material feed from pails while reducing material waste.

In the area of process automation Scheugenpflug provides all systems along the whole production chain, ranging from pretreatment, to dispensing and potting units to aftertreatment, including control and handling systems for the parts to be potted.


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