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Scott Bedbury is an American advertising executive formerly associated with Nike, Inc. and Starbucks. He is now a freelance brand consultant, a member of the Board of Directors for Jones Soda, and CEO of Brandstream, Inc. Bedbury was the marketing executive behind Nike's "Just Do It" campaign, and the rebranding of Starbucks.[1][2]

Early career and education[edit]

Bedbury is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. The University of Oregon Alumni Association named him Outstanding Young Alumnus in 1997.[3]


In 1987, Bedbury left the agency business to become Nike's worldwide advertising director.[4] During that time Bedbury facilitated the creation of the "Just Do It" Campaign, which, in turn, helped launch Nike into the #1 sporting goods brand worldwide. [5]


Scott Bedbury returned to consulting and writing in 1998, establishing Brandstream,[6] a global brand development company, and the Fricken Company, a parent of Brandstream.


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