Scouting and Guiding in Manitoba

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Scouting in Manitoba has a long history, from the 1900s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they live.

Scouts Canada[edit]

Manitoba Council (Scouts Canada).png

Manitoba is administered by the Manitoba Council of Scouts Canada.

Service Areas[edit]

Manitoba is divided into Service Areas, each with an Area Commissioner and (ideally) with a service team.

The current Service Areas are:

  • Lakeland
  • West Manitoba (West Man)
  • Northern Manitoba (Nor Man)
  • Pembina Trails
  • North West Winnipeg
  • Agassiz Basin
  • East Winnipeg

Within each area are groups — made up of one or more sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers) a group will have at least a Group Commissioner and may also have a group administrator, secretary, treasurer, registrar and quartermaster. This structure follows the Scouts Canada Standard.[citation needed]

Council Service Center: Winnipeg

Association des Scouts du Canada[edit]

Comptoir Scout Franco-Manitobains.png

French-speaking Scouts are directed by the Comptoir Scout Franco-Manitobains in Winnipeg.

Girl Guides of Canada[edit]

Manitoba Council (Girl Guides of Canada).png

Guide Companies were first registered in Manitoba in 1910, in Winnipeg.

Girl Guides of Manitoba[edit]

Girl Guides of Manitoba is divided into nine area, six covering rural Manitoba

  • Cambrian in northern Manitoba
  • Intermountain in western mid-Manitoba
  • Interlake in central and eastern mid-Manitoba
  • Pine Ridge in southeastern Manitoba
  • Assiniboine in southwestern Manitoba
  • Pembina Valley in southern Manitoba

and three within Winnipeg

  • Prairie West
  • Bishop Grandin
  • Lagimodiere

Headquarters: Winnipeg


  • Caddy Lake established in 1948

Former Camps:

  • Ponemah on Lake Winnipeg established in 1928.

B-PSA Federation of Canada[edit]

Canada has several associations which trace their roots to the Baden-Powell Scouts' Association in the United Kingdom. They form the Canadian Federation of Independent Scouting, which is a member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts. Members of the federation include BPSA — Manitoba.

Scout memorials[edit]

Scouting memorials include The Seton Centre in Carberry, Manitoba, for Ernest Thompson Seton; an historic plaque and Seton Woodland Park, on the Trans-Canada Highway (east of Carberry, Manitoba); as well as Seton Bridge, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba.

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