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Sea-Watch 2.jpg
Sea Watch 2 in the port of Hamburg on 21 March 2016
Established19 May 2015 Edit this on Wikidata (4 years ago)
FoundersHarald Höppner Edit this on Wikidata
HeadquartersBerlin Edit this on Wikidata

Sea-Watch is a German non-governmental organisation supporting the rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean, notably by commissioning rescue ships.


Sea-Watch [de] is a former 21.12-metre fishing ship, built in 1917[1] and purchased in 2015, and used as a rescue ship until later that year, when she was transferred to the organisation Mare Liberum.

Sea-Watch 2 is a former fishing research ship originally commissioned as Clupea in 1968. She was deployed on 14-day rescue operations between Libya and Malta in 2016 and 2017, along with the Sea-Watch, before being sold to the Mission Lifeline [de] organisation and is now operated under the name Lifeline.[2]

Sea-Watch 3 [de] is a 50.53-metre ship, built in 1972 as an offshore supply ship before being commissioned as a search and rescue vessel by Médecins sans frontières under the name Dignity I.[3]


On 6 November 2017, the crew of a Sea-Watch ship rescued 58 people in an operation hindered by the Libyan Navy. 20 people drowned.[4][5][6] Video footage proving responsibility of the Libyan Coast Guard was later used as proof in a legal action against Italy before the European Court of Human Rights.[7]

Sea-Watch resumed her operations in November 2018,[8][9][10] after being detained in Malta between July and October.[11]


On 22 December 2018, Sea-Watch 3 rescued around 32 people[12] but found herself unable to call port neither in Malta, nor in Italy or Spain.[13][14] On 3 January, France, Germany and the Netherlands offered to take some of the 49 migrants blocked off Malta on the Sea-Watch and the Sea Eye "as a collective allocation effort".[14][11] According to Mina Andreeva, spokeswoman of the European Commission, "more solidarity" is needed, as well as "foreseeable and sustainable solutions for the landing and relocalisation in the Mediterranean"; she quoted the Commissioner in charge of Migrations, Dimitris Avramopoulos.[15]

Two weeks after the rescue, the 49 migrants were still blocked off Malta on Sea-Watch 3 and Sea-Eye [de],[16] in spite of an appeal by Pope Francis.[17] On 9 January, however, they were allowed to disembark in Malta[18] after an agreement was reached to relocate them to eight other European countries.[19][20] On 19 January, Sea-Watch 3 rescued 47 further migrants. The Italian government forbade her from calling port, and started a legal action against the Netherlands;[21] the organisation Sea-Watch referred the case to the European Court of Human Rights.[22] On 29 January, Italy, Germany, France, Malta, Portugal, Romania and Luxembourg agreed on dispatching the 47 migrants.[23] Matteo Salvini demanded that the Sea-Watch 3 be detained,[23] and as she was docked at Catania to land the migrants, she was blocked by the Italian military on grounds of "a number of non-conformities"; the NGO denounced this as political pressure.[24]

On 19 May, the Italian police seized Sea-Watch 3 at Lampedusa, yielding the disembarking of the 47 migrants she had picked up on 15 May.[25][26] Matteo Salvini, who opposed the landing of the migrants, was furious.[26][27] In June 2019, the ship was again detained, with 53 migrants that had been rescued off the coast of Libya on 12 June.[28] Italy allowed only 11 especially vulnerable people to disembark; on 25, the captain of Sea-Watch 3 threatened to land at Lampedusa in spite of the interdiction,[29] eventually entering Italian territorial waters "not as a provocative act, but out of necessity and responsibility", according to the NGO.[30][31][32] A column in the French Le Monde stated that Captain Carola Rackete was only "reminding us all of the existence of international conventions [such as that stating that] rescue at sea is a duty for all".[33] In an editorial, 700 celebrities supported the migrants and opposed Salvini.[34] A poll by the Italian Right-wing daily Il Giornale showed 61% of Italians were opposed to Sea-Watch 3 landing at Lampedusa.[35] In the night of 28 to 29 June, the ship was seized and Carola Rackete was arrested for helping illegal immigration.[36] Sea-Watch 3 collided with the 50 ton Class 800 patrol boat[37] "808" of the Guardia di Finanza, which had tried to block the larger vessel from docking. The boat was pushed against the dock and slightly damaged.[38] The Guardia di Finanza has Combatant-status while protecting waterways, so Italian media reported that Rackete could also be charged with attack on a warship, punishable with 3 to 10 years prison.[39] 2 days later an italian judge decided, that no further incarceration was necessary and Rackete was released, while the criminal investigation continues.[40]

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