Sealdah (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

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শিয়ালদহ বিধানসভা কেন্দ্র
Vidhan Sabha constituency
Sealdah is located in Kolkata
Location in Kolkata
Coordinates: 22°34′05″N 88°22′19″E / 22.56806°N 88.37194°E / 22.56806; 88.37194
Country  India
State West Bengal
District Kolkata
Year established 1951
Year abolished 2011
Lok Sabha constituency Calcutta North East
Calcutta North

Sealdah (Vidhan Sabha constituency) was an assembly constituency in Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal.

As a consequence of the orders of the Delimitation Commission, Sealdah (Vidhan Sabha constituency) ceases to exist from 2011.[1]

It was part of Calcutta North East (Lok Sabha constituency).[2]


2009 Bye-election[edit]

A bye-election was held on 18 August 2009 following the resignation of the sitting MLA, Somen Mitra who was elected as MP In Parliament from Diamond Harbour (Lok Sabha constituency).

West Bengal state assembly bye election, 2009: Sealdah constituency [3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Trinamool Congress Sikha Mitra 23,224
CPI Prabir Deb 7,297
Turnout 39,650 27.69 -6.7
Swing to Trinamool Congress from INC Swing +21.27


In the 2006 elections, Somendra Nath Mitra of INC defeated his nearest rival Prabir Deb of CPI

West Bengal assembly elections, 2006: Sealdah constituency[4][5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
INC Somendra Nath Mitra 23,011
CPI Prabir Deb 10,252
Trinamool Congress Dulaleswar Roy 5,091
Independent Tarun Kumar Kar 267
Independent Dayanand Prasad 219
Independent Swaraj Ranjan Bhattacharyya 215
Independent Pradyut Kumar Ghosh 159
Independent Dilip Tripathi 99
Turnout 393,13 69.90
INC hold Swing

.# Swing calculated on Trinamool Congress+BJP vote percentages taken together in 2006.


In the 2009 by-election, necessitated by the election of sitting MLA, Somendra Nath Mitra, to the Parliament from the Diamond Harbour (Lok Sabha constituency), Shikha Mitra of Trinamool Congress won the Sealdah assembly seat. In the 2006, 2001, 1996, 1991, 1987 and 1982 state assembly elections Somendra Nath Mitra of Congress won the 156 Sealdah assembly seat defeating his nearest rivals Prabir Deb of CPI in 2006, Chanchal Ghosh of CPI in 2001, Arun Prakash Chatterjee of CPI in 1996, Ila Mitra of CPI in 1991, Nanda Gopal Bhattacharjee of CPI in 1987 and 1982. Binoy Banerjee of Janata Party had won the seat in 1977 defeating Amar Prasad Chakraborty of Forward Bloc.[6][7]


Somendranath Mitra of Congress won in 1972. Benoy Banerjee of Congress won in 1971. Jatin Chakravarty of RSP won in 1969. Pratap Chandra Chunder of Congress won in 1967. Prior to that the Seadah seat was not there. There was a seat at Muchipara.[8]

1951-1962 Muchipara[edit]

Pratap Chandra Chunder of Congress won in 1962. Jatindra Chandra Chakravorty, Independent, won in 1957. Sankar Prasad Mitra of Congress won the Muchipara seat in independent India’s first election in 1951.[8]


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Coordinates: 22°34′05″N 88°22′19″E / 22.568°N 88.372°E / 22.568; 88.372