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Sean Catherine Derek (born October 16, 1953) is an American writer, story editor, actress, and producer in television and film. She is the daughter of John Derek and Pati Behrs.

Her film debut as an actress was in 1985 in a Spanish film called Escapada final (Scapegoat).

Her film debut as a writer, Foodfight!, was released in 2012. She wrote the script for the fourth BIONICLE movie The Legend Reborn. Derek was also the writer for the first Zhu Zhu Pets straight to DVD film "Quest for Zhu".

Derek worked at Hanna Barbera Productions for shows like The Smurfs and Captain Planet, she was also a story Editor for both shows. Derek was also a story editor/writer of Batman: The Animated Series. But many Batman scripts she worked on weren't approved by Standards and Practices. Episode P.O.V was one of them.

Here are some of the Smurfs shorts and episodes Sean Catherine Derek worked on.

  • Master Scruple (short) Written by Sean Catherine Derek (Season 6)
  • Don Smurfo (short) Written by Sean Catherine Derek (Season 6)
  • The Last Whippoorwill (short) - Written by Richard Fogel and Sean Catherine Derek (Season 6)
  • Swapping Smurfs (Episode) - Written by Sean Catherine Derek (Season 7)
  • Timber Smurf (short) - Written by Sean Catherine Derek and Richard Fogel (Season 7)
  • Sky Scraper Smurfs (Short) - Written by Sean Catherine Derek (Season 7)
  • Soothsayer Smurfette (Episode) - Story by Sean Catherine Derek and Frances Novier. Teleplay by Frances Novier (Season 7).




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