Ecklonia cava

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Ecklonia cava
Brown algae hi.jpg
Ecklonia cava
Scientific classification
(unranked): SAR
Superphylum: Heterokonta
Class: Phaeophyceae
Order: Laminariales
Family: Lessoniaceae
Genus: Ecklonia
Species: E. cava
Binomial name
Ecklonia cava

Ecklonia cava is an edible marine brown alga species found in the ocean off Japan and Korea.

It is used as an herbal remedy in the form of an extract called Seanol, a polyphenolic extract, and Ventol, a phlorotannin-rich natural agent.[1]

Phlorotannins, such as fucodiphlorethol G,[2] 7-phloro eckol, 6,6'-bieckol,[3] eckol, 8,8'-bieckol, 8,4"'-dieckol and phlorofucofuroeckol A can be isolated from Ecklonia cava.[4]

Other components are common sterol derivatives (fucosterol, ergosterol and cholesterol).[3]


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