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Buscando a Mónica
The Railway set used in the film
Directed by José María Forqué
Produced by Francisco Carcavallo
Luis Giudici
Written by Jaime de Armiñán
Vicente Coello
Starring Alberto de Mendoza
Carmen Sevilla
Music by Augusto Algueró hijo
Mário Clavel
Cinematography Ricardo Younis
Edited by Julio Peña
Gerardo Rinaldi
Distributed by AS Films
Release date
29 January 1962
Running time
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Buscando a Mónica (English: Searching for Monica) is a 1962 Argentine-Spanish black-and-white film musical film drama directed by José María Forqué. The film premiered on 29 January 1962 in Madrid and was named El Secreto de Mónica. It was first shown in Argentina on 29 March in Buenos Aires. It starred Alberto de Mendoza and Carmen Sevilla.

Plot summary[edit]

A man named Antonio Montes (Alberto de Mendoza) has a car accident on a street on his way to Buenos Aires. While he waits for his car repairing, he learns that everybody in the little town where he's stuck seem to know about his wife Mónica. He knows little about her past, but the reactions of the townsfolk towards him range from laughing behind his back to practically not standing the sight of him. He won't leave the town until he could learn more about the secret past of his wife. But the former life of the young beautiful mother of his daughter involves a turbulent story.


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