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Song by Loaded
from the album Dark Days
Released July 2001
Recorded December 2000–February 2001 at Jupiter Studios, Seattle, Washington
Genre Hard rock, punk rock
Length 3:48
Label Pimp
Songwriter(s) Duff McKagan
Producer(s) Martin Feveyear
Dark Days track listing
"Then and Now"

"Seattlehead" (also typeset Seattle Head) is a song written by American musician Duff McKagan more popularly known as a song by McKagan's band Loaded, from the album Dark Days, but has also featured on earlier releases by Neurotic Outsiders as well as McKagan's unreleased solo album Beautiful Disease.


The song was originally written in the early 90s with the song being about "what L.A. came to represent, rather than what it is"[1] while it also mentions when McKagan first moved to Los Angeles from Seattle in 1984[2][3] with the lyrics "movin' to the city sight unseen/19 years of age I'm packing my bags/Hollywood was all the rage/I came to you in 1984/You showed me in, then you shut the door."


The first version of the song was released as a b-side of the single "Jerk" by the supergroup Neurotic Outsiders, featuring McKagan, Guns N' Roses bandmate Matt Sorum, Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and Duran Duran bassist John Taylor, released in 1996[4] as well as the Angelina EP released in Japan in 1997.

The song was later re-recorded for McKagan's second solo album Beautiful Disease however the album was shelved after Geffen and Interscope Records merged,[5] and Duff was dropped from the roster of the "new combined" label.[3]

A live version of the song was released with the debut Loaded live album Episode 1999: Live in 2000. After the cancellation of the release of Beautiful Disease Duff McKagan began re-recording some of the songs, including "Seattlehead", as well as new material at Jupiter Studios in Seattle, Washington. The resulting album, Dark Days, was released in the US and Japan in July 2001 and was later released in Europe in July 2002.

A music video, featuring clips of the band performing live in Japan, was made available on Loaded's YouTube page in 2008.[6]

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