Neurotic Outsiders

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Neurotic Outsiders
GenresPunk rock
Years active1995–1997
(Reunions: 1999, 2006)
Associated acts
Past membersDuff McKagan
Matt Sorum
Billy Idol
Steve Stevens
Steve Jones
John Taylor

Neurotic Outsiders was a British-American rock supergroup founded in 1995, consisting of Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols, Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses, and John Taylor of Duran Duran. The first line-up featured Billy Idol and Steve Stevens (together with McKagan and Sorum), but they were soon replaced by Jones and Taylor. The group was originally called Neurotic Boy Outsiders.

Originally a gathering of friends jamming together at the Viper Room, they eventually released one eponymous album on Maverick Records in September 1996, and briefly toured Europe and North America. The album, which was the first release by the band and is now out of print, was followed up by the Angelina 5-song EP in 1997, which was a Japanese-only release.[1]

They reunited briefly in April 1999 for three shows at the Viper Room.

This was not the first time Guns N' Roses members and Steve Jones had collaborated. Axl Rose from Guns N' Roses, and Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy, and Mickey Curry, all from The Cult - which Matt Sorum played with both before and after Guns N' Roses - all made guest appearances on the Steve Jones solo album Fire and Gasoline.

This would also mark the first of two collaborations between Steve Jones and John Taylor. The second collaboration was on Duran Duran's 2015 album Paper Gods.

Former members[edit]

Last lineup
Previous members

Track listing for album[edit]

All tracks composed by Steve Jones except where indicated

  1. "Nasty Ho" – 4:32 (lead vocals: Steve Jones)
  2. "Always Wrong" (John Taylor) – 3:25 (lead vocals: John Taylor)
  3. "Angelina" – 2:55 (lead vocals: Steve Jones)
  4. "Good News" – 3:32 (lead vocals: Duff McKagan)
  5. "Better Way" (Steve Jones, John Taylor) – 4:22 (lead vocals: Steve Jones & John Taylor)
  6. "Feelings Are Good" (John Taylor) – 3:23 (lead vocals: John Taylor)
  7. "Revolution" – 3:48 (lead vocals: Duff McKagan)
  8. "Jerk" – 4:10 (lead vocals: Steve Jones)
  9. "Union" – 4:29 (lead vocals: Steve Jones)
  10. "Janie Jones" (Joe Strummer, Mick Jones) – 1:53 (lead vocals: Steve Jones & Duff McKagan)
  11. "Story of My Life" – 4:10 (lead vocals: Steve Jones)
  12. "Six Feet Under" (Steve Jones, Duff McKagan) – 4:00 (lead vocals: Duff McKagan)

Non-album B-sides[edit]

Release Song Single
August 1996 "Seattle Head" (Duff McKagan) - 4:22 (lead vocals: Duff McKagan) "Jerk"
January 1997 "Spanish Ballroom" (Steve Jones, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, John Taylor) - 4:02 (instrumental) "Angelina"
"Planet Earth" (Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Andrew Taylor, John Taylor, Roger Taylor) - 3:00 (lead vocals: John Taylor & Steve Jones) "Angelina"[2]


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