Seo Ji-young

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Seo Ji-young
Born (1981-06-02) June 2, 1981 (age 38)
Years active2000–present
Seo Ji-young
Revised RomanizationSeo Ji-yeong
McCune–ReischauerSŏ Chi-yŏng

Seo Ji-young (born June 2, 1981) is a South Korean singer and a former member of pop group S#arp. The group released six albums before their breakup in 2002, attributed to the feud between Seo and fellow female member Lee Ji-hye. Seo Ji-young bullied fellow member Lee Ji-hye until the company was forced to disband S#arp.

As a solo artist, she has released two albums, with her last one released in January 2007. Her singles include "Stay In Me" and "Hey Boy".

Seo is married to financier Kim Kyung-gu, who is five years her senior. More than one thousand guests attended their wedding on November 10, 2011 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.[1]

S#arp albums[edit]

  • the s#arp (1998)
  • the s#arp +2 (1999)
  • The Four Letter Word Love (2000)
  • 4ever Feel So Good (2001)
  • Flat Album (2001)
  • StYlE (2002)

Solo albums[edit]

  • Listen To My Heart (2005)
  • Different This Time (2007)

Music video[edit]

  • "Stay In Me"
  • "Hey Boy"
  • "Fatigued"

TV Appearance[edit]

  • X-man (SBS)
  • Real Romance: Love Letter (SBS)
  • Sorry I Love You (KBS, 2004)


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